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Langkawi Day 1 Continued April 9th 2012

The little lane
Langkawi Day 1 Continued...

I'm directed to another place just behind Gecko, just a few steps away, thankfully. The price is for a room which has accommodation for 3 and costs 80 RM, that's all they have. Up the lane, a few more signs pointing towards guesthouses. A place called 'economic guesthouse' just a few yards up here on the right. Cheapest room is 40 RM, double the price of Penang but double the floor space too (which I don't need). But options for the super-budget traveller  around here seem limited and from research 40RM on Langkawi is as good as its going to get. Plenty of dormitory options though for those that like to mix and mingle with about 20 strangers. The room here is clean at least, has a double bed and all importantly, a good fan. The bathroom is shared, but only with 1 other room so, all things considered it'll do for the next 3 nights.

Clean Beach
It's a quick shower, then off to the beach hoping for a much better experience than in Penang. Back down the lane and over the main road, along a track between buildings and there it is - the beach at last. It's wide, long and very clean, no garbage that I can see. The water is clear, no pollution visible so must be good for a swim, and plenty of people doing just that. Cooling sea breezes and much less humidity, very pleasant indeed. A picturesque view with forested islands to the South and mountains northwards, and firm sand good for walking. Lots of activity to the south, less so to the north, rather empty actually, just a few people making the trek along this more peaceful stretch, lined with palms, resorts bungalows and deck chairs - just no one about. A small river prevents any further exploration northwards without having to trek inland first. Planes are frequently flying over the beach, the runway isn't far away from here, although not visible through thick vegetation. The scene changes as the little creek is home to quite a few fishing boats tied up along bamboo jetties. A fishing village here with a few ramshackle dwellings, some smart houses too.

Over the little bridge, through the village and the scene soon changes again. Rural this time, with rice paddies creating the patchwork of greenery, and wetlands with buffaloes splashing in the creeks. Dragon flies, coots and various other wetland birds mingle with the buffalo creating a rich and diverse nature scene at reasonably close quarters.

Fishing Village
Time to head back now as the sunlight starts to change colour to a less intense orange glow. Should see a good sunset with just a few high level clouds in a mainly blue sky. Following the creek back to the beach, and with the different light a few more snaps for the album. Something large wallowing in the mud. It's another of those huge lizard creatures, called a Monitor Lizard I have since been informed. It spots me pointing my camera, and off it go's, slipping gently away into the creek- got the picture though.

Something to eat, lots of options catering for tourists from every corner of the world. They are all here, Spanish, French, American, Swedish, Icelandic, New Zealand and loads of Brits, but as in Penang not the alcoholic types. Surprising since Langkawi is renowned for its tax free booze! Food prices along the beach are quite reasonable in the European context, but pricey by South East Asian standards. 70p for coffee, and about £2 for a plate of fried chicken and nasi rice. As always, expensive restaurants are available and anything that smacks of Italian origin triples in price.

Big Tongue..

A stunning sunset as it all go's from yellow to orange to shades of red. Planes landing against the colours make for a unique photo. The sun continues to set and the colours deepen further. The beach is coming alive. Locals and Western tourists hold impromptu football games whilst the watersports operators grab the last glimmers of daylight before heading off to the bars and cafes. For me, it's back to base, another shower, blog and crash, and you may have guessed by now I'm no alcoholic!

Best Photo Ever...

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