Wednesday, 19 March 2014

20 minutes Kuta Beach, Bali, Indonesia, March 16th 2014

Is Kuta's dirty reputation deserved?

Leaving Ubud today with final destination Kuala Lumpur. One night in KL before taking the 7.05am AirAsia from LCCT to Phnom Penh, and if that all works out I should be in Sihanoukville sometime Monday afternoon. The bus leaves Ubud at 8.30 terminating at the Kuta Legian office with the flight to KL not until about 2pm. So, it's hopefully all going to leave me with enough time to walk from Jalan Legian to the airport with a few stops along the way. So, finish up with breakfast, pay the bill and hike down to the bus office.

Goodbye Ubud, been a nice few days despite the heavy tourist presence but now begins the next episode in my Asia 2014 adventure. An hours ride down to Kuta, not that much traffic being early Sunday morning and as anticipated plenty of time to roam around. Jalan Legian to the airport is easy - just turn right after poppies lane 1 and head for the Tune Hotel. After passing the Tune Hotel, which I timed at 6 minutes, turn right again and left at the precinct there essentially following the main road that parallels the beach. A small side street leading to the beach and with plenty of time on hand let's go and see if Kuta's dirty reputation is deserved.

Quite clearly the domain of vacationers - families on the annual break with most accents that I can hear being Australian with the odd German thrown in for good measure! Plenty of graffiti around the place, the kind of scribble that doesn't make any sense. Lined each side of the street, those souvenir t-shirt stands but once beyond those it's the beach and hundreds of surfers clinging to their boards bobbing on the ocean. Occasionally a big wave creates a flurry of activity with a few of the guys successfully riding the distance while other have a very short lived ride! The beach itself isn't exceptionally clean, but it's not horrendously dirty either. A pile of raked up garbage indicating a concerted clean up effort while the occasional bottle or can remains upright in the sand. So, in the 20 minutes I've looked around here, Kuta Legian, it's not that bad. I doubt a bunch of surfer duded are going to worry about graffiti and some beach garbage, but families looking for tropical sands might be slightly disappointed. As for me. Well I don't feel like I missed out on anything by heading straight to Ubud!

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