Saturday, 15 March 2014

A Nice Place, Padang Bai, Bali, Indonesia March 12th 2014

White Sand Beach, not quite...

Time for another wander, this time away from the village in search of a beach I spotted from the rocks earlier. It's another small bay surrounded by a cliff with an abandoned hotel perched at one end. A quiet country lane cutting through banana groves and it has that rural feeling at the same time. Cows are tethered while chickens are running around avoiding the big lizards I should think. Extensive wild flora adding a splash of colour either side and the occasional temple complex with intricate wood carvings and ornate stone statues signifying religious importance. A fork in the road, but which way? Right,because that's where I can here waves crashing. About 20 minutes stomping uphill eventually ending at that abandoned hotel complex spotted earlier. Yes, would have made a nice spot for discerning Europeans looking for a sea view. As it is, looking at the graffiti it's a place for the less well educated of Indonesian society, and a spot for some shenanigans no doubt! A panoramic view if nothing else, no access to the sea below, well, not without risk anyway since it's a long way down this cliff.

Back towards that fork and let's try again. A sign just spotted in the bushes pointing to 'White Sand Beach' This time the road winds round the hill then up - wider, newer and folk are building at a steady pace, looks like another place for hotel developments coming up. Another 10 minutes or so before the lane ends in a collection of mopeds. A rough trail taking through jungle and down the hillside - yes, sea and white sand imminent.

A white sand beach, well not strictly true since there are streaks of that black sand Bali has. But, no garbage here, not in any significant quantities anyway. A handful of bamboo shacks to service the needs of a half a dozen that made it here in one piece! Prices not bad either which is a pleasant change - 50p for a coconut and 25p for coffee.  Nice clear blue water too, a good place to relax for a couple of hours before the bus back to Ubud.

So, there it is - Padang Bai, it is a nice place. Full of character, quiet and in parts quaint. Plenty of decorated villas and temples dotted around here and there. The folk here seem to have a grip on waste sewerage too. Primarily a point getting to and from Lombok, the village certainly has potential to grow into a resort town.

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