Saturday, 15 March 2014

A Bloe Job, Padang Bai, Bali, Indonesia March 12th 2014

Natures Bloe Job, natures power...

Well, having seen that the Padang Bai beach is nothing special, time for a walkabout. It's a very small place indeed, I would say 30 minutes to walk around the entire bay here, but right now following the road up and away from the port end, leading, well actually it's a dead end. The trail continues through into woodland though and I can here waves crashing below. On the crest of a hill here and looking back reveals a panorama of the entire village front complete with boats and clear water. Not the place to be wearing flip flops and shorts as the trail leads into a patch of fierce looking cactus plants. A short trail, shaded with jungle plants and various kinds of trees that I think would please Tarzan very much indeed! Oh, look there, a lizard and it has wings as the creature glides to another tree. Thankfully I'm able to get a photo of this odd looking creature with a kind of scoop under its chin! Well, after that lucky find it's time to move ahead and down towards those waves.

Arrived, where? Well it's a kind of plateau made of volcanic rocks right at the entrance to the bay. Those waves are pretty big, crashing over the edge here, better step back a bit. Some good marine life trapped in a rock pool, those black and yellow stripy fish again. Natural caverns have formed and a blow hole makes for an interesting photograph. This is quite an impressive place, natures focefullness and beauty in one relatively small spot. Those waves have awesome power - crashing and pounding the old volcanic lava as boats and ferries come and go. There's only me here and no match for the power of the sea. A dip in the ocean will be pretty dangerous but there's no reason why one couldn't stand over the blow hole and take a shower, free courtesy of nature.

Darn, I knew it would happen! A miscalculation, giant wave or just cutting it fine, either way I have wet feet on slippery rocks surrounded by the sea - this isn't looking good right now. Moving back to a dry patch as another big wave crashes, but without the same power. I have to consider myself pretty lucky, one slip and might have been curtains. Back to the village then, time for water, food and recovery.

Finding a place to eat that isn't cashing in on the tourist Dollar is proving difficult around here. Back from the beach and there's nothing. No caf├ęs with food stacked up in the windows, nothing like it whatsoever, how disappointing to be forced into a tourist cafe! One last try on the high street.

Yes, one place on the high street, just opposite the ferry terminal as it happens. Local food, local price - marvellous.

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