Wednesday, 12 March 2014

Sky Aviation office, Labuan Bajo, March 10th 2014

Showdown at Sky..

Transpires that Sky have an office 1KM further on, according to the staff here. After breakfast then it's the big showdown, assuming of course the office is actually occupied with genuine staff! A quick scan of their website over 2 slices of toast and a coffee (the free breakfast) shows all seats booked for the next week, so probably be a fight for the refund.

The office is easy to spot, a big sign board there advertising the place which turns out to be a room in someone's house! I explain the situation and produce my e-ticket. "When do You want to fly". "Today please". And that's it, all booked on the next flight at 1030, about 1 hour from now! Thankful of a hassle free confrontation, but clearly the on-line section of the operation isn't upto scratch.

Another 10,000 rp moped ride to the airport and this time definitely more signs of life at Sky Aviation. The check-in hall is old school, tatty wooden desks and the security scanner is broken! Behind all this though, under construction is a brand new modern glass building, the new airport.

Well, a day later but at least I didn't have to buy another ticket as the Super Jet climbs away and sets course to Bali. 

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