Saturday, 22 March 2014

Bus to Sihanoukville, Cambodia, March 17th 2014

On the bus down to Sihanoukville, Cambodia March 2014

A familiar routine on a well trodden path.- 3 bits of paper to complete before setting foot on Cambodian soil with an official blessing. The immigration form, a customs declaration then the visa application all have to be in-order but once the $25 visa fee is handed over one gets the impression nothing else really matters. A few tourists milling around contemplating - taxi or tuk tuk.I manage to hitch a ride with a couple of  Phnom Penh virgins but when I mention the bus station and Sihanoukville there seems to be some confusion.  Turns out I can get the bus from a spot close to the end of the runway and I can still that ride, although walking wouldn't have been too much effort.

$10 and 10 minutes for the next bus to Sihanoukville - that's the first price rise in 3 years, up from $8! The ride is around 4 1/2 hours on a good road. Noticeable this time is how much less garbage there is but still plenty of it strewn around. The usual pit stop at an expensive roadside joint where its either noodle soup or fried rice for hungry passengers.

Rolling into Sihanoukville at 1.30pm but this time it's different. we're not going to downtown as usual but looks like the dedicated bus station. Yes, its the bus station which is good news since its just a 10 minute hike to Victory Hill and Mealy Chander Guest House.The Tuk Tuk mafia are there in force to greet passengers with some good advice and travel options of course. Easily avoided by finding a quiet spot and then an excuse that I need the exercise seems to have done the trick.

Here is a short video taken from the bus....

The Video Here

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