Friday, 21 March 2014

Bali Two and Kuala Lumpur Again, Bali, Indonesia, March 16th 2014

Bali bye bye....

Still plenty of time before check-in so let's grab a coffee from that Starbucks situated in a giant shopping mall which in turn is situated between those giant hotels - yes, it's the modern face of a holiday hotspot and actually a welcome break from the humidity.

A quick stop at the Makasan cafe, in fact this is my fourth visit here and with over 40 food items on offer it's easily the best Indonesian local in town, oh and the cheapest I would think - about 65p for a large plate of food and I would especially recommend the corn patties. But, as much as I would like to stay and sample more of this enticing grub, I really should be getting to the airport, about another 15 minutes hiking to the gap in the fence running the gauntlet of taxi drivers and Ojeck riders.

Air Asia as ever running a pretty slick operation - self check-in, baggage drop all with a minimum of fuss. So, here in Indonesia visitors have to pay to get in and now have to pay to leave! £7.50 gets visitors onward through immigration and into the departure lounge. Still with a couple of hours in hand let's relax and watch those exotic planes coming and going!

About 3 hours to Kuala Lumpur mostly over water, so it's a good time to grab a nap after another of AirAsia's inflight tea for a whopping 6 Ringitt, about £1.20.

Kuala Lumpur, and for once in daylight as the plane joins the hundred or so others at LCCT. As always immigration is virtually empty, the process is swift. Bag collection almost immediate and then a downtown bus ticket from the counter in the arrivals hall - it's all pretty slick actually and with a few minutes before the next bus it's time to grab some fried chicken and rice, in a takeaway carton from the canteen by the bus stands. Expensive though at almost £2!  An hour to KL Sentral then a 10 minute hike to the monorail in Brickfields and the slow train to Tune Hotel - about 20 minutes and 45p, could have walked it in that time. Another night on the Tune, and an early start tomorrow, it's the flight to Phnom Penh leaving at 7.05am.

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