Monday, 24 March 2014

Nothing changes, Sihanoukville, March 18th 2014Independance Beach

Snookyville 2014 and nothing really has changed in the 3 seasons I've been visiting here. Some overgrown land has been attended to while some of those pre civil war compounds are showing some signs of regeneration. In general though its still sleepy Sihanoukville - Victory Hill end anyway. No evidence of a surge in tourists just yet, not while the place remains a hassle to reach for most international holidaymakers and the Phnom Penh elite don't seem to be here in any great numbers either since the Emario Marina and resort remains largely empty. A restaurant has popped up in the middle of the place, a Russian joint i would think - that's to be checked out later.

There's only one place to be and that's the beach. Same, reasonably quiet and not overrun by Russians, i guess the seasons over and their kids have to attend school!

On a tight budget, then head on over here!

unofficial dwellings come and go, this one looks abandoned.

Monkeys, dogs and now goats...

Independence Beach, where's the garbage 

Forlorn and empty!

A big empty marina

Scramblett Bread on offer at this pricey cafe in a guesthouse

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