Saturday, 22 March 2014

No Sign of MH370, South China Sea, March 17th 2014

To Phnom Penh above the South China Sea and no sign of the missing Malaysian jet...

Up at 3.15, taxi at 3.45 and bus at 4.15 which if all go's to plan then I shall be on that 7.05 flight to Phnom Penh. So far then running 10 minutes early and there's a taxi already loitering at the front door. Taxi by force though since there isn't any public transport in KL before 5.30am - £5 to KL Sentral, the cities major rail and airport bus interchange.

Buses, lined up in the basement and filling fast with passengers heading to LCCT at Kuala Lumpur International Airport. £2 for the ride, exactly 1 hour on the motorway, seems to be that irrespective of the time of day.

Some queuing at the desks, not surprising since it's the rush hour in flight terms of course. Immigration is a breeze as always, straight out, no interrogation and always a smile. Gate T5 has the flight listed as on time and the plane parking bay is F81 - get it wrong and you could end up somewhere like Hong Kong, which actually wouldn't be so bad - maybe one day I'll try that!

Dawn breaks as the Airbus climbs away from a misty KL setting course directly to Phnom Penh and over the point at which MH370's whereabouts was last known. Nothing to see as I keep my eyes peeled though, just a couple of container ships.

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  1. And of course a thought for those in anguish and despair at the disappearance of their friends and relatives over 2 weeks ago now.