Friday, 7 March 2014

ALBUM/BLOG - The Secret Jetty, Labuan bajo, Indonesia, March 3rd 2014

Just don't tell everyone....

A hike away from the village towards the port area of Labuan Bajo. A market here, mostly fish but some vegetables as small wooden boats line up beside the concrete building with their occupants ready to trade, buy and barter. Quite grim and dirty around here, plenty of flies grabbing a nice fish meal! Some nice views as the hike heads uphill - plenty of flora among the small amount of development going on here - yes, a few more hotels being carved into the hillside. Down the hill, upsetting a few goats on the way and on the left here looks like and expanse of wast ground. An old jetty, quite poor condition but still sturdy enough to walk along. Very quiet bar a couple of distant locals attending to some boat maintenance.  So, with a good breeze and no one around time to get a little sun bathing in! Yes, right at the end of this jetty is the perfect spot to grab a spell of sunshine, but don't tell everyone! An just a little further on up another hill is the new airport runway where departing passengers get a birds eye view of Labuan Bajo.

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