Wednesday, 12 March 2014

Bad news, Labuan Bajo, March 9th 2014

Bad news, it's Cancelled

Sunday, a quick feed from the Makasan before catching a ride upto the airport and a flight to Bali. It's not long before I'm offered a ride on the back of a moped, 10,000 rp is a fair price and the driver seems to think so too and with my bag secured at the front, off we go.

Sky Aviation are the company privileged to fly me out today on their new Russian built plane - the Sukhoi Supet Jet. Strange that their office should be closed but the flight isn't for a couple of hours yet so I'm not too concerned. Grab a coffee alfresco at the little airport of rustic qualities equal to that of the village. A row of concrete blocks serving as offices next to a dust bowl car park. Better go to check-in and at least get rid of the bag.

Now I'm getting concerned that something is amiss as the Sky desk is empty - devoid of computers, labels and all that check-in paraphernalia one usually sees strewn around. Next door looks at me, puzzled and asks to see my ticket - an E-Ticket as I fumble around to retrieve the receipt on my IPad. "Oh, flight is cancelled" he remarks.

A few moments for the realisation of my cancelled flight to take effect - why am I not surprised, but it's only £34, not a disaster by any means. Options on the table then:-
1, contact Sky, 2, buy another ticket on the next Garuda flight at 4.15, 3, but another ticket on the next Wings flight, 4, come back tomorrow and confront Sky, get a refund and buy another ticket.

So here's the plan after weighing up the options. Come back tomorrow and if no action from Sky I'll just have to buy another ticket - £54 for on the day travel, but still not bad for a flight of 1 hour 20.

Back to the village then and further bad news -the guesthouse is full! Just across the road, Hotel Bajo has a room, pricier at 150,000 rp but within budget, so that's a done deal for tonight, another night in Labuan Bajo. 

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