Thursday, 11 April 2013

Greymouth, New Zealand, April 4th 2013


Just a stop over in Greymouth to make the bus connection north - Christchurch to Nelson via the Aples is too much for the Kiwis in one day! So, with just a few hours before the bus at 1.30pm its going to be the quickest of tours ever. The chap at reception says I can use the cycle for free, ride along the coast line and around the town, should be done in a couple of hours.

First stop, the airport, so close could have walked there in 30 minutes. A nice little place, all closed up at the flying club, although the gate further down is open. A chap there, tending his aeroplane give me the quick lowdown. Across the runway is Greymouth's hospital complete with air ambulance outside. Sometimes passengers are flown here in bigger aircraft and ferried straight from runway to hospital in minutes. Far end of the runway and Mount Cook is just visible along with  other snow capped mountains.

Riding around the place is easy, flat and specific paths for cycles. A picturesque ride along the beach track, towards the town. Very little traffic around here, few people too at 11am on a Thursday. About 2 1/2 hours done, better get my backs and hike to the bus stand. 10 minutes hiking, actually its part of the train station which seems to be the place for all public transport around here - also know an the 'I-Site'. Handy that its also a few steps from the supermarket, so supplies for lunch are easy and pretty cheap too.

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