Sunday, 17 February 2013

Penang Butterflies..

A bus ride to the butterfly park should be a nice afternoons excursion, although sceptical at claims of thousands of butterflies and bugs on view. 85p on bus 101 from the Komtar interchange. One thing has changed here since last year - traffic. It's slow progress through Geogetown as afternoon traffic is backed up on all routes going North. 10 KM in 1h20, that's pretty slow even by British standards, but it's the price of development and modernisation.

Plenty of butterflies and a few bugs including a rare type of praying mantis. Exotic is the word here as the place is laden with black and yellow Bird Wings and a many more types of colourful, delicate creatures. Around 3 hours spent here, including a 30 minute tour from an employee, knowledgeable on all things butterflies and the other bugs hidden away - bugs such as Stick insects and Praying Mantises are pointed out, easily missed on a casual wander. Well worth the £5 to get in here.

Bus back though is another matter! Although the 101 drops off here it won't come back the other way, as I'm finding out, having waited for an hour and resisting offers from taxi drivers and disbelieving their tales of 'no bus'. Taxi drivers are masters at telling lies to gain a taxi fare, but turns out on this occasion they were telling the truth! Apparently, there is a bus station a short walk towards the next village, where I can be a bus. So, with nothing to loose...

10 minutes, yes there is a bus stand and a couple of buses are there. Good, looks like I've avoided another taxi driver fleecing.

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